Thursday, February 18, 2010

It is my job now

Yesterday I picked up my son from the school with my daughters. We went to the school 30 minutes early because I wanted to be there first so that I can park my car in a good spot. It was the first time that I picked up my son so I had to call my husband and ask what to do. I was excited it is my job already to pick him every day from the school. My sister in law and my husband always pick him up from school but since I will be working mornings I have to do it. After a few minutes my daughters started to get cranky as people started coming to pick up their kids. It was good that I came there early. It was a little hard for me because I had to bring my daughters with me because my husband goes to work in the afternoon but I think I am okay. My daughters like to ride in the car anyway.

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