Monday, July 5, 2010

Spent a lot of time on FB

Every time I am on the computer I spent a lot of time on Facebook. I found a lot of friends there and I like looking at all their pictures. That is why I do not like opening my face book account because I spent too much time there. I think once or twice I happened to deactivated my account with them but I keep coming back to reactivate it again. I found a lot of classmates from high school but I am not sure if they know me because I was not that well known in my high school days. I used to be shy and timid all the time and had only a few friends and I was always in the corner setting down and hiding. Funny I was like that before so I am not sure if any of my classmates knows me but I know most of them. I was not smart in the school and I do not have do any sports or other activities so nobody knows me but I still like to see some of my classmates on Facebook and their own family now that we are older.

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