Wednesday, August 4, 2010

learned a big lesson

I want to share something here on my blog about what happened yesterday when I was online on Facebook. One of my classmates from high school popped up on my window and tried to chat on me. I thought that she just wanted to talk with me and ask how I am doing here but I was wrong. After just a few exchanging messages she asked me if she could borrow money from me. I was laughing to myself and I asked her why. She said that she needed some money for her family and I told her I was sorry but I did not have any money she said please again… but I said I really do not have any money right now. After few minutes she said okay. I learned a big lesson not to be online in Facebook anymore I am afraid people will see me and want money that I do not have.

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Cecile said...

hahaha, ingat ka...daming ganyan sa FB at YM :-)...ako rin naka experienced na ng ganyan sa YM at sa FB...kahit kamag anak manghihiram din sa yo kahit di naman talaga pang emergency.