Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My friend at work who lives in the country keeps giving me vegetable because he has a lot of vegetable in his garden. I am so happy every time he gave me something even though I do not know how to cook some of them. My other friends are very happy too because I share with them. Last time he gave me a lot of red peppers, ampalaya, upo and more and I gave them all to my friends, they were very happy. One time my friend told me of why my husband marry me that I do not know how to cook I was just laughing to him. My husband did not expect me to cook for him and when I do he is very happy. Anyway the picture attached was the opo he gave me and they were big opos.

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Cecile said...

wow, dami mo na namang upo, kailangan lutuin mo na yan :-) o kaya bigay mo sa mga friends mo...dali lang naman lutuin yan, Juliet...igisa mo lang sa bawang, sibuyas at kamatis...pwede mo ring lagyan ng shog na giniling or pork....samahan mo na din ng kamatis at Matt favorite niya yan eh :-)