Friday, October 15, 2010

Laughing at him

My son likes to wear his Spiderman costumes when he is home together with a red cape so that he looks like Superman and on top of his costume he wears white underwear. Yesterday while his friends were here while he was wearing his costumes they were laughing at him and asked why he was wearing the underwear and he got mad. He told me today why his friends were laughing at him and I said they are just jealous of you that you have a costume and not to pay attention to what they say. He said he does not want them to laugh at him and I said then stop wearing underwear but he said he likes to have underwear on. So I said that I will tell his friend not to laugh at him. I do not know how to tell my son to react when there is a situation like this and of course I do not want anybody to laugh at him but they are kids.

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