Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No practice today

This afternoon I thought that my son would have a baseball practice so we went to the park to find his team. When we were there we did not see his coach and the rest of the team. I texted the coach wife and asked if they were in the park and she said no and she was texting everybody that no more practice today. I replied and said that I never receive any text from her but it was okay no problem. She texted back and was apologized. I felt bad that she said that and I told her that it was okay and we live close to the park anyway. She is always nice and I like her. My son was disappointed that they have no practice but at the same time he was happy because he can watch the movie that he borrowed from the library.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,
Wow!! dugay naman ko wala maka open ani. ako na gani gi asked dre sa blogger.com kung unsa ako password kay nakalimot nako hehehe!! i'm glad ne retreive pa. Musta naka? madayon mo uli dre Pinas? Musta na si Earnest? Gi mingaw na ko sa inyo. E regards ko kang earnest ingna nga salamat nga iya ka gi ampingan pag ayo. Take good care of your family Joy ayaw pagpinarehas sa uban mga Pinay nga nakalimot unsa ang importansya sa pamilya. Devorce is not the solution to any problem. Some choose it for easy way out though i know it's not that cheap to have devorce but still; sayon lang sa uban. Take good care out there and hope to see you soon...