Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love it!

This guest post from Hong Alexander

Staying at homeall day every day with the kids is wonderful in so many ways but it’s also really challenging. They’re great boys but they wear me out and sometimes I really miss being in an office with other adults like me. It gets lonely here and not having adult conversations for days at a time sort of makes me feel like I lose my communication skills. I like being here with them while they’re growing, though, although I went to last month because I was starting to get a bit scared about being here alone all the time. My husband usually doesn’t have to work late so it’s nice when we can all eat dinner together as a family and at least I’m not alone at night. I love what I do and it’s harder work than any other job I’ve had so I feel really good about the choices I’m making for my family. There are sacrifices but I’m more than willing to make them for the kids!

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