Saturday, September 10, 2011

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Earlier today at work talking with my co-worker she asked me if I already knew what Halloween costume I want my children to wear. My friend Jennifer has a new baby girl and she is excited for her first Halloween. I told her that I do not know what costume I wanted o get for my children. Last year my twin daughters were wearing a bees costume and my son was Superman. They liked the costume they wore last year and a lot of people complimented their costume. The problem last year was I did not have any costume to wear because I could not find a costume for me.

I told my friend Jennifer that I am not sure what costume I wanted for my daughters to wear this year, but I am hoping that before Halloween I could find a Plus Size Halloween Costumes for me. I like this hippie flower child costume I think it is cute. My son is big enough to choose what costumes he wants to wear. Every Halloween is exciting last year I took my children to the church were they had a Halloween party for the kids before dark then after dark I walked with them around the neighborhood with their baskets and costumes.

Plus Size Hippie Flower Child Plus Size Adult Halloween Costume image

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