Monday, September 12, 2011

pool party

Tonight we will have a company pool party but unfortunately I could not come. I really wanted to go but I have to go to school and I do not have any swimwear. This morning I went to the store to buy a swimsuit but I could not find anything in my size. The store had a few swimsuits on display but all I could see were clothes for fall. I said to myself this morning that I could be absent from my class today if I could find a swimsuit for me but, I got tired of shopping all over town. I really need to go to school tonight instead of going to a pool party.

It will be a family pool party and I was excited to take my children to the pool to swim. I feel bad that I can not take them. My children were very excited about going and my friends at work were expecting me to come tonight. My friends are excited to see my children because I told them that I might come with my family. I am going to miss the fun, games and most of all the food. I am sure it will be fun but I can not do anything about it.

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