Sunday, January 1, 2012

Business at home

Thanks to Roman May

When I took over the business I wanted everything new. I wanted new credit card machines and new fixtures in the bathroom and I wanted new gravel in the parking lot. I wanted to put my own stamp on everything and you know, I just feel like once I get to make everything my own I’m really going to feel more confident about this space. I love that I bought the business sight unseen which was risky and I guess I got really lucky not having more work to put into than I actually do. My dad said he’d help me with some of the renovations which I’m actually really thankful for since I don’t know a thing about construction on my own. Mom said she could help with the décor, too, which is good because as the place stands now it looks like it was decorated by a blind person! I don’t know about you but camo and stuffed animals aren’t really my style. Soon this place will look the way I imagine in my head.

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