Tuesday, January 19, 2010

do not want to sleep

Last night I was ready to go to bed but my daughters was still playing. I tried to lay them down many times but still they kept getting back up to play. I gave them their bottles full of milk but they hid them from me. I helped them look for them under in the bed, under the blanket, even to their cabinets but I still could not find them. Until I remember the window and when I checked they were behind the window blinds. If I never thought about the window I never would find the bottles. They like to put their milk wherever they are so their mama can go crazy looking for the lost bottles.


shydub said...

hehehe intawn sa inahan kabuang pangita sa hiding place sa anak. ingon ana sd si jake.

chubskulit said...

hehehehe, they know the tricks already ha.

Cecile said...

very smart talaga yung kambal mo, Juliet :-); mabuang pagoangita ug bottles :-)!