Sunday, January 3, 2010

She was jealous

This morning my daughter Elizabeth woke up early and I gave her a bath right away after a few minutes my son woke ups so I gave him a bath too. They were all clean and smell good when my daughter Izabella woke up. When she saw them both dress up and clean she started crying. She was jealous and wondered why she was not dressed up too. So I have to give her a bath and feed them their breakfast. Both of them had not had breakfast yet. I got to go now to take care my babies because my son is already screaming for food.

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shydub said...

Yay, ang nanay ni hirit ug blog and anak nagpaabot sa food hehehehe. Ulirang ina kaayo ka jul, ako dili makaya sa akong power getting up early oi. mao si jake when he wake up in the morning he had to stay in his crib a little longer until ang inahan tapulan wakes up lol