Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It irritates me

I do not like getting up every morning especially when the weather is cold but I have to or else my son can not go to school. Everyday after I take my son to school I always say to myself that I will go back to bed as soon as I get home but every day that never happens. Because of the internet, as soon as I get back home I turned on my computer and checked my e-mails and everything and I forgot about the time. Then it is too late to go back to bed and take a nap. No wonder I always have acne breakouts and it irritates me all the time. Every night I always say as soon as my babies go to sleep I will go to sleep too but by the time they go to sleep I turn on my computer and stay online until after midnight. It is the best time for me to stay online while all asleep so nobody will bother me. That is why I am always sleepy in the morning.

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shydub said...

Na preha ta jul, mao sauna nag teach pako, aguy sge late si maam, masirad an intawn ko sa gate ky dugay mn mata. ug mo mata ug sayo aguy matulog ko ug balik waaaa.