Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Late Valentines date

My husband and I went out to eat with our son and we left our daughters to stay with my mother in law. This is our late Valentines date since we never got a chance to go on the 14th because he was working. But this was not a date because our son was with us but we are all had fun. We went to a Chinese buffet and we all ate too much. My son ate a lot of chicken; I was surprised because before he would not even touch fried chicken. I know it was unfair for us to eat at a restaurant with out our daughters but the last time we brought them to a restaurant we are in a hurry to eat because they were making a mess. So this afternoon we decided that it was better for them to stay with their grandma. We wanted to eat more food but there was no more room in our bellies. Thank you my bana for the good dinner.

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