Friday, February 26, 2010

She fall down

A few hours ago I was setting on our couch folding clothes while my daughter Izabella was on the other side of the couch trying to put on her pajama and she suddenly fall down and hit her forehead on the center table. I was scared and worried because I saw a big bump on her head. I called my husband at work and he asked his sister to come over and check my baby. She said that Izabella was fine I am glad. I am always worried every time there is an accident with my children. I know that something like this will happen every now and then to our children. I moved our table to the edge of the living room.

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Cecile said...

ganyan din ako noong una, nerbiyos palagi; likot kasi anak natin lalo na sa ganyang age...buti na lang at ok lang si Izabella :-)