Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet and Friendly

This afternoon my daughters and I picked up my son from school. My daughters were very happy because I let them out from the car and let them walk for a few minutes while waiting for big bro. Every time somebody came by my daughter Elizabeth said “HI” and smiled. She was so sweet and friendly; the people keep smiling to her. I like that she is so friendly at her young age but at the same time it scare me. She is so friendly to everybody even those she doesn’t know and if you let her she would give them a hug. But her twin sister Izabella just stayed with me and was very quite never saying anything she is kind of shy. They both have really different personality in many ways.

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shydub said...

Mao ra gyud kalipay ato anak jul no maka gawas hehehe.