Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trying to save money

My son asked me if he could take a bubble bath today and I said no. I know I am mean to him but he had one yesterday. It is not good for him to always be playing in the bath tub because he has dry skin and aside from that he uses water you know I am trying to save money on our monthly bills. Last month when I got our water bill I was shocked to find that we used more water than the previous month. I thought that we had used they same amount of water until I realized that my son likes to play in the bath tub.

I am not really against him playing in a bathtub full of water but every time he is there his sisters want in the tub to play. If they get a chance they will flush the toilet many times and I get mad at them for wasting the water. That is why I am thinking about installing a dual flush toilet because I know will save water and money even if my daughters will sometimes go crazy flushing the toilet. I really do not like it but sometimes they are very quick and enter the bathroom to play. Getting a dual flush toilet conversion kit for our toilet is the best thing to do to help us with our water bill.

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