Monday, April 12, 2010

Poor Juliet

I need to buy a new pair of shoes when we have enough money in our budget. I think I got my last pair of shoes four years ago. I am always thinking about buying a new pair for me because the shoes I have now are already worn out but every time I go to the store I keep saying to myself later. I always say later when it comes to buying things for me but when it comes to my children I always say I can afford it now. I really want to buy shoes for me I want the new skechers shape ups. Even though they are a little bit expensive they are comfortable to wear while you are walking. I really want those shoes since they came out on the market I just can not take my money and spend it on me. Poor Juliet!

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Cecile said...

Happy Anniversary, Day :-); asa man mo mag celebrate ni Earnest?