Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Qubo all the time

All day every day all I can watch on our TV is Qubo. My children like to watch Qubo all the time and I have memorize all their shows. My son’s favorite show to watch is Rescue Heroes while my daughters love to watch Babar. I am not sure but every time Babar is on my daughter Elezibeth says Babar all the time. I guess it is because it is easier for her to say the words. If I try to watch my TV show in a few minutes my son asked me if he can change it back to Qubo. Oh! Please let me watch my shows and go to your bedroom and watch you show there. He does not like to stay in his bedroom by himself because he does not like to watch TV alone. Me too I do not like to stay in the bedroom and watch TV because I do not like to be alone. That is why even if it is Qubo all the time I have no choice but to watch it with my children.

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