Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wall-e all the time

This morning my son woke up very early then he woke me up and ask me if it is time for him to get up and I said that it was still very early and he needed to go back to bed. When I checked the time it was still 7 am too early for me to get up you know it is Saturday after all. But he got up anyway and went to the living room. After an hour I got up and found him laying on the couch watching Wall-e his new favorite movie. He has been crazy for wall-e the pass few weeks and I do not know what movie he will like next. Everyday he watches this movie over and over again and sometimes I asked him to please stop it but he will not listen. No matter how much he watches it he said he likes watching it.

1 comment:

HoPe!!!! said...

he does a real good taste in movies :D
i loved the movie too (age no bar)!
take care