Wednesday, April 3, 2013

car rental

My friend at work, Hector will be off for the weekend and I am jealous. I would like to be off, but I cannot do that. I need to work and I do not know when I can get a day off. While I was talking to hector today he said that he and his family will go hit the road. He does not know yet where they going, but he is sure that they will go in San Antonio and maybe in Houston too. I asked him what car they will go drive and he said they look for car rental. He has a new car, but they prepare to rent instead. Maybe it is a good idea to rent a car for a long travel, that way they cannot use the mileage of their new car. 

I wish I can go on vacation too, but not yet. My family and I are planning to go somewhere in the summer, that way the children will be out from school already. We want them to have fun this summer, but we do not know where to go yet. I always like to go to San Antonio to visit the Sea World and River walk, I am sure my children will like it there. I have been to Sea World once when my son was only two years old, but now he is eight years old already. So it was six years ago before my daughters were born. Anyway, I hope Hector and his family will have fun with their up-coming road trip. I will miss him at work for a few days, but he deserves to have fun.

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