Monday, March 1, 2010

My hair needs help

Yesterday while I was taking a shower I noticed there was a lot of hair in the bath tub and when I combed my hair more hair was in the brush from me. That is why I do not like to wash and comb my hair because I am losing my hair. I am worried I am going to be bald. I think I need to start using hair supplements because I have heard from my friend that she uses them and it really helps her to have beautiful hair. I do not know were to buy them but I am sure the stores in this area sells some. My hair really needs help now.

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Cecile said...

paerho tay, liet, nalalagas din buhok ko, kaya pag nasa bahay lang ako, minsan lang ako nag susuklay, tapos every other lang pag wash ng hair to save my hair from losing them :-)