Friday, November 4, 2011

talking with my sis

Last night I was chatting with my sister online. Normally when we talked we only say hi and that is about it. Last night we talked about our aunt that is sick and, about schooling. I told her that I was busy with my schooling right now and I am trying my best. I told her that I like it here in America they give people the opportunity to go to school even if they are old. I also said that while I was in the Philippines nobody trusted me that was why I never got a chance to go to college. She told me something that made me cry but I did not tell her that I was crying. She said that she was crying and she missed me. I do not like to cry and I do not like anybody to see my crying. I was happy that I got to talked with my sis Narife and I want her to know that I love her. Anyway I love all my sisters but I am more concern about her. She is my youngest sister and she means a lot to me. All I want for her is to have a better life. A life that is full of happiness and content.

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